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I LOVE being a Close To My Heart consultant.  I had no plans to make this a business when I joined.  I just wanted the consultant kit (which is an even better deal now) and the discount.  As soon as I got the kit I was inspired to create, and since some of my creations were pretty awesome I decided to show them off.  This “showing off” led to other sales.  I invited friends who were so impressed that they spent $700 collectively on products.  These friends have since joined a club and we meet every month to create and have fun together.  I also make a bit of money 🙂  Since the sales went so well I have started growing a team.

I know that many people join for the discount (I did).  Another great reason to join is the training.  Close To My Heart offers product training so that we are always current in stamping, scrapbooking, and card-making techniques.  They also have some great training to get your business off the ground (if you choose).  I want everyone to enjoy Close To My Heart products and the opportunity to get creative!  I am happy to help in any way I can.  Ready to have fun, meet people, and get creative?  Join my team here!

Close to my Heart Consultant kitThis kit is only $75 and includes all the business supplies you will need to get started right away.  You also get to choose $50 in supplies (paper, stamps, inks, or blocks) so you can choose what you will create and/or demonstrate first.  Below are the bonus goodies you can earn by meeting sales goals quickly and getting off to an excellent start.


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